Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Miss Stardoll World 2011

Hello guys, I'm back! I will post much more often. As you can see, I'm using the MSW 'Promote yourself' free promoter as my banner. Create your own by clicking here. (You must have your doll saved in your album first), and today Imma talk to you about the wonderful beautiful FREE stardoll dress in my banner, free MSW pin & frame.

1. Log in
3. Scroll down
4. Click 'Deliver To Suite'

So, did you find my post interesting, helpful? Well, it's not over yet!

Every doll that is still active in the stardoll industry is probably running for MSW, am I correct? Yes.

But it only take's one vote for you to make someone's dream come true. Vote for anybody you like, it'll give them that 1% of joy&hope. Remember, the more you vote, the more you get voted!

So vote vote vote!

But please don't advertise. Advertising in guestbooks, albums, dollmail, blog, chat, sceneries or club's is very very annoying. If you do advertise for MSW, you could get disquaified from MSW or even kicked of Stardoll.

We understand you'd love to win, but there's other patient, better doll's out there who aren't advertising - playing fair - so vote them.


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