Friday, July 22, 2011

Shake it up is OUT!

Hi :) So today i saw in Starplaza section new Shake it up clothes (of course i can't see the shop becouse im not from UK) but i got little link. I made it. Im sorry if there is not all clothes but i tried.
 UPDATE: I got new link and there are all items CLICK HERE Thanks to Browse in Stardoll
CLICK HERE to get these clothes in your dressing room.

[Click on picture to enlarge]
 UPDATE 2: So i got pics with manual proxy from this store. Check them out:

 [Click on each picture to enlarge it]
I like these clothes. Many things are for starcoins and i don't think they are over prized. I like that one dress is for 2 stardollars! What do you think about these things? Tell me in comments. :)
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Nee said...

Jee! The ss stuff are sooooo cheap!


abbeydawn122 said...

Wow amazing value! I didn't expect the items to be so cheap. Stardoll must be having a funny turn, these prices are great!

Mijena15 said...

I know. They are really cheap! Finally something cheap on stardoll.

LilFruityTooty said...

I LUHV the Hi-Tops! I have been wating for those! But the shop isnt available in USA either, hun.

Mijena15 said...

This shop is avaible for UK! Use UK manual proxy to see this store!

Milena Petrova said...

I love converses!

Anonymous said...

where can you find them tho?

BeautifulRose said...

how come on stardoll the store isn't there anymore?

Anonymous said...

There is just a blue shirt :/

Anyway tnx (:

EleonoraLove99 VOTE PLEASE :D

Anonymous said...

add me in stardoll my user chispeta

Anonymous said...

i only got a blue top

Eli Belieber said...


Anonymous said...

That cloths is amazing, but i can't take it.

Anonymous said...

i want the high tops

Anonymous said...

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