Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nicki Minaj Makeup Tutorial

This too me a while to do, hope you like it!

Sorry it's in 2 pages, it just wouldn't fit!

[Click to enlarge.]

What should my next tutorial be on?

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Beppecollins said...

I think that with your editing quality, you should make a magazine :)

LilFruityTooty said...

Its nice :) Although you should have added a little blush and light cheek bone dust.

Shay ~ TwilightRosez said...

Oh thanks! [; I was thinking about it..

@LilFruityTooty- I did at first when I was testing it out, but I forgot to add when I put the tutorial together. Agh, sorry!

FashionGoddess said...

Wow thats amazing! I <3 Nicki Minaj ;)

Anonymous said...

thats really good :D

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