Friday, March 11, 2011

Tips To Creating An Amazing Suite!!

Hey everyone! My name is Ebony, some of you know me as ebonymeme from Stardoll! Today I'll be writing about tips to creating a great suite. I'll but using my own pictures since i didnt have a chance to ask anyone else to borrow pics of their suite. Hope you all like my tips and find them useful!

Notice how the objects in the other room are smaller, all of the colors and patterns are the close which allows the room to "flow" and every item in the room is useful, there isnt just a bunch of clutter.

1.Change The Size Of Your Furniture
Remember that the further away an object is, the smaller it looks. Changing the size of furniture makes the room look bigger and more realistic. If you want the room to feel closer, make the furniture bigger. Everything should be in proportion!

2.Keep It SimpleThis is really good tip for non-superstars as well. Remember that Stardoll advertisements (such as the free movie posters or the Tinkerbell and Moxie Girl Banners) are not intended to be furniture. Crowding your suite with tons of junk does not necessarily make it better; sometimes simpler is the way to go! There are lots of clubs and blogs to join that will give you free Stardoll furniture. Take advantage of free offers but don’t over-do it.

3.Using Similar Patterns and Colors.It’s totally okay to experiment with color when it comes to fashion. But when it comes to designing your suite, remember that too many different colors may not look as nice as you wish it did. Try to buy matching furniture and wall decorations to help make your room “flow”. Harsh wall colors (especially neon colors like pink or green) are very unflattering to the eye. Think about it, if you visited a real home with neon green walls, would you be very comfortable in that room for a long time???

4.Visualize A Theme BEFORE You Begin DecoratingIt helps if you know how you want the room to look. Simply mixing random stuff together will look like a disaster. Even non SS can give their room a theme. Give each room a theme to allow for versatility and creativity.

5.Be Creative
No one likes a suite with a bunch of copied elements. Be creative and give your suite its own unique look. A big tip for non SS if to try using everyday objects for different purposes. If you dont have a table, make one out of the other furniture you do have! Buy free picture frames to frame your posters or you could even use the tops of a table as stairs for your house or make extra walls using cabinets and wall stencils found in the DIY store. Look at everything from a different perspective to see how many different ways an item can be used.

6.Draw Inspiration From Sources Other Than Stardoll
If you get stuck trying to figure out what you want to do, check out home décor magazines or television shows to find inspiration for different looks to try. Your suite will quickly get boring if every room looks the same. Try something different!

7.Know Your Options Before You BuyIt’s common for Stardollians (especially non-superstars) to use up all of their money at once on furniture that they never use or they end up blowing it all on clothes and have nothing to decorate their suite. Check the Suite Shop before you begin decorating to see what’s new and what is available for you to use in your suite. Join clubs for “free stuff” and see what options you have. And maybe even follow blogs(like Underneath Stardoll) that regularly post "free stuff" articles! It’s best to ask yourself, “Maybe, there’s already a free dresser so why buy one???” Don’t simple buy the first cute thing you see. Remember, there’s no money back guarantee.

8.Use What You Have Already Have
A lot of people on stardoll (including me) are guilty of having a storage bin stocked full of furniture that we never look at and never use. When decorating a room, check your storage to see what you already have. A lot of the time, you will find some useful old stuff you forgot you had!

9.Add Furniture Over Time To Save MoneyNo one ever said you have to decorate your whole suite as soon as you get it. Its okay to lock a room until it’s ready. Doing this allows you to work on a room without anyone else seeing it. Save some of your stardollars by adding a little furniture at a time instead of all at once. That way, you can have a fabulous suite and a fabulous doll to live in it! And remember, theres no need to spend a ton on furniture just because its expensive or because everyone else has it, only buy what you NEED!

10. Invest In A Specific RoomAlot of times I notice people that have great furniture but they have it all scattered around their suite! Try working on one room at a time! There's no rule that says all your rooms have to be decorated at the same time. By using your good furniture for that one room, you will have a FABULOUS bedroom for your medoll and then you can begin working on the other rooms one at a time as you make more stardollars.
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