Sunday, March 27, 2011


So today I went to the store and bought a 10$ prepaid card. I got about 400sd from it. I decided to use the money on my suite since there was really no new clothes in the starplaza that I wanted.

But when I was buying stuff from the starplaza, it noticed something fishy was going on with the amount of stardollars I had. It didnt seem like stardoll was subtracting the correct amount for the items. I kept an eye on it but I still wasn't sure. It looked to me like stardoll was giving me 5sd back for every purchase of 5sd or more.

So I tested it out. I bought one of those stardoll pals suits for a mannequin in my suite. It was 20sd. Before I bought it, I had 394sd. So after I bought it, I should have had 374. But instead I had 379!!!! STARDOLL GAVE ME 5SD BACK!!!! xD

So then I went really crazy and bought a TON of stuff!!!

I checked the popular blogs and I couldn't believe I didn't see any posts about it!
Am I the only one that's noticed it???!
Is it only for royalty or does everyone get it?



UPDATE: someone in the MSW club said that the starblog says royalty members get 5sd off some purchases this weekend I couldn't find anything about that. Someone else said it's because we bought all the spring surprises gifts.(which I did btw)still not sure tho but at least I know I'm not crazy lol
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Misscheeseycake said...

Calm down! hehe, You are getting 5 off of 20 bucks things or more because you have collected all 25 gifts in the Spring Suprise thing! So calm down, go money crazy and try not to kick the cat ^^

Mijena15 said...

You dont read news? You didint get the message? Few weeks (i think) started this Spring Surprise. After you collect 25 gifts (one gift per 20sd) After that you will get a diamond in your suite and 5 stardollars back after you buy something for 20 stardollars. Diamond willl be behind furniture.

Anonymous said...

I got the 5sd back for each 20sd purchase a long time ago and now if I buy something that costs 7sd,I only lose 2sd,so she means something else,not the spring surprise thingy.

Ebonymeme said...

@Mijena15: uhhh duh "/ everyones heard about that but I never heard anything about 5sd back. Well I already know now. MSW explained it.

@Anon: exactly!! Its not just stuff for 20sd! It's everything I bought that was 5sd or more

Anonymous said...

well some said go on my acount give me a makover and buy any thing you want so i had lik 212 the i bought something it said i had 215

liyan said...

as i say my account her name is brightdrew i got lots of amazing gifts from spring surprise they were really cool you have to check it out anyway those stuff are really old at 2010

Alex Wild said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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