Monday, March 18, 2013

Free Outfit When You Spend 100sd

I saw this today, didn't really pay much attention to these
kind of things but I kind of wanted to say something. To me
it feels like Stardoll is trying to make you spend money and
what do you get in return? This outfit, yeah it is quite a nice look 
but not 100sd worthy. If it was something like LE, Antidote ext
then that would be good. Stardoll is trying to make us spend so 
much real life money on the website, I kind of figured that out
when you couldn't exchange starcoins for Stardollers. That subject
is a completely different post, but yeah. Hope I got my point across 

xoxo Jodiestarlight
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Helpful tip

So I've been on Stardoll for a really long time, yet have won National Covergirl, before today, only once. It was weird, because I advertise my sales a lot, I am not in big country, yet no wins, until I figured something out.
All winners had their country shown bellow the cover. Yeah, well mine was hidden. In less than a week after changing it to visible, I won NCG. I don't give a big deal about it, but it is nice, you know..


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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hello, Stardoll Voice :) I don't mean to intrude but I will start blogging here again.
Even though I've been away from Stardoll I intend on being back, its just that I had some things to do but I am back and I hope you like the posts that I make! :D
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Here's an idea..

Everyone organizes model competitions on Stardoll. They all want us to create outfits, sceneries, do graphics, etc.. But what about writing contests?? Not everyone is good at previously mentioned stuff, but they may have some other talents.. I would definitely join one.. I started my own, but it was inactive, so I canceled it..



 ~ Venus
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New Graphic

What do you think?

I am quite happy with how it turned out!
What do you think?
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everyday makeup look

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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Stardoll has copied ideas and gotten inspiration from us all.

Remember when we all started to make wigs with the feathers in jewellery design? Stardoll used this idea to release wig design.

Remember when Chat was called Parties where sometimes they were used to hold fashion shows, before they brought out the dress up game.

Awards ceremonies started out in Dollywood and now, Stardoll have the Film Festival
Some members use clubs as a place to role-play in imaginary schools, so Stardoll came up with Stardoll Academy.

Sometimes, it would be nice if Stardoll gave the Stardollian members more credit.

What do you think?

As a quick note, I'm entering a competition and need some help. If click on this link and watch and like the video you will be helping me!
Here is the link:

If you comment below and my likes go up on the video, I will pick two winners to receive a gift.
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Medoll of the Week!

Hello - It has been awhile right?
Well I did the Medoll of the Week and our last winner was Coolgirl185.
Well today i'm gonna do another challenge!

Well we could do a clothes challenge this week and I think we should...

Well if your Irish like me you know in 1-2weeks is one of the biggest days in Ireland...
Saint Patricks Day!

I want you to make a Paddy's Day inspired look.
It could green from head to toe!
It could be even dancers from the big festival in Dublin ( Look them up, every year there is a theme and last year was from a book or the year before was that ).

Send them to tinypics or any other websites like that.

Rules :
No copying
Stick to the guideline don't make it your own contest.
No cheating in any way.
Have fun!!

The prizes :
An interview and a report on your look and a few pointers! ( Not any bad ones ! )
A small prize through suite shop or I could design something and you buy it for 2sc.

Thank you,
If you win you will have to add me on stardoll and you will have 48hours to come online and anwser the questions or else I give the prize to second place.

Ways I will be picking :
Me and my best friends will look at them all and decide from that.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beautiful and touching video

As I was browsing my favorite website dedicated to animals, I found this really beautiful video. It is about baby tigers taking their 1st steps, and mommy tiger watching and taking care of them. If you love animals at least a little, you will fall in love with those adorable babies. Bellow is a link to a video.

~ Venus
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Short Story - Ghost In A Phone (part 1)

based on my own experience - all rights reserved

In a town named Frugal Valley lived a girl named Martha. Every night, Martha would listen to music through her phone, but one day, her mother, Mrs. Tim wouldn't allow her. So she obeyed.

Since that day, she would just put her phone on her bedside table. She will always wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. Everytime she woke up, she would see her phone's keypad unlocked. She didn't suspect a thing. She continued her sleep as it was only 3 in the morning.

The next day, she wanted to call her best friend, Aldeena. As she called her, the operator continued the line and told her that she had insufficient balance. There were only 3 cents left, which is not even enough to send a text message. She was sure that she reloaded her prepaid 3 days ago and haven't made any calls yet. She decided to reload it again.

She observed it for a week. Nothing happened so the coast is clear. It was time for school. When she was in school, a call from an unknown person which has a very odd number. She found out when she got back. She called back, someone or something answered, but it has a hooting sound. She felt weird, so she knew something was happening.

The next week, she found out that her phone battery had gone to 0%. But again, she never used it after the call. Now she felt extremely weird, but she didn't know what to do. She went to Aldeena's house and told her what happened. Aldeena suspected a ghost in there.

What did they do? Find out in the next part....

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